Who I am and how I work

Autodidact and addicted to design

I am Dorothea Christiane. From the moment I have been able to hold a pen, I was never again able to curb the urge to express myself in drawings. Until today my mother holds a collection of easter eggs sacred that I have decorated with tiny paintings decades ago as a child. She puts them up every Easter.
Still, my professional career in the field of design had to wait a little while for its kick-off. But when that finally happened, I realized pretty fast that this is what I
really WANT to do.

Since then I have gathered lots of experience and knowledge in self-study as an autodidact over the last decade and still do.

Originally from Germany, I now live in Florida, USA, working together with my love, husband and best friend, Ronald, who studied Web Design and Programming back in Germany and is supporting me in my

career in every way he can - very much to the benefit of our customers.
In charge of ungluing me from my desk now and then is our dog, Mila. Of course, the best dog walking the face of the earth.

My idea of design?

Variety is key, because every task is different.
A designer is always kind of standing between re-inventing the wheel and riding on the wave of good old proven principles.
It’s important to always be flexible, and sometimes think twice before throwing proven design ideas overboard.

As for artistic perfection: Well, who doesn’t love perfection?
But tight deadlines and limited budgets often speak a different language.

I consider myself a very practical and goal-oriented person, yet striving to always provide the best quality results.

It can be challenging to get everything under one roof: High quality, precise and targeted execution, plus keeping the deadlines. But I love challenges, because it is a good feeling to succeed and see everyone happy in the end.
Not to forget: I also like to contribute to work as part of a bigger team. So, teams out there, if you have a project - game, software, an app - and need a graphic hand with it, let me know!



Are you interested to know, how I work with my clients in my virtual office?
Besides serving you coffee, there's hardly anything I can't do for you in the field of design remotely. And there is still no reason, why we can't communicate in person, just because our offices are not connected by a real door.
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