Who I am and how I work

Keeping deadlines, communicating, delivering quality

I am Dorothea Christiane, a dedicated autodidact, always curious and always happy to create new things.
Creating has been part of my life in some way as long as I can think back, mostly visual or text.
For almost two decades now I've been working in the field of digital design on the computer. Especially with technology evolving there's always more to learn and more to create.
Sure, not every one-time task turns into a long-term business relationship. But I am happy to say that many of my customers stay with me for years if not decades and that more than one small project has indeed turned into something much bigger. As I offer several different services customers often discover more and more of the tasks I can fulfil for them over time. My three main creative fields are graphic & icon design, text creation and translation. But I also take care of content, produce artwork, setup animations and more.
In all of that my focus is on comprehensive service, meaning that I always try to see the bigger picture and share my experience and knowledge with my customers.
Right now I am also working my way into programming and am learning Spanish whenever I find some time for it.
I am working together with my love, husband, best friend, and programmer Ronald, who studied Web Design back in Germany.

Both of us are very accustomed with remote work, since we have been working that way for ages. We serve clients in the USA, Germany, Canada, Austria, Switzerland and other countries.

My greatest reward is a customer satisfied with the results of our project.
So, what's your next project and how can I help?
I'd really love to know!



My portfolio for download